10 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him/her

10 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him/her

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Valentine’s Day is definitely just around the corner and while there are restaurants and malls open, it’s still safer to skip the usual mall dates during these times. 

So what’s probably the next best thing for you and your significant other? Sending them gifts they would appreciate whether they’re into the sweet and romantic chocolates/flowers combo or those who want things that are useful or simply fun to have. 

And with the availability of today’s online stores, there’s definitely a lot to choose from. We hand-picked a total of 10 items for him and for her that would still mark a special Valentine’s Day while staying home.

Or, simply, if you want to buy these for yourself, no one’s stopping you, either. 😉 

Flower Diffusers

The classic Valentine’s gifts are usually flowers and chocolates but why not take it up a notch and get something that lasts longer?

This preserved flower also doubles as a fragrance diffuser and not only that, it also has built-in lights that make the flowers look like they’re glowing. Very Beauty and the Beast.

Cute Aesthetic Lamp

A nice lamp that would look good anywhere. Whether to be used as a simple display on a desk or background design for an IG photo, you wouldn’t go wrong with this as a gift.

Chocolates and Flowers

Of course, there’s still the appeal of giving the classic box of chocolates and flowers.

It comes in this simple but beautiful presentation of fresh blooms and China Roses with a Ferrero Rocher box — all packaged with a ribbon and tag.

Personalized Necklace

Whether it’s a name or something simple but relevant to that person, gifting one with personalized accessories is always a nice touch. Additionally, if that person is into astrology, you may also consider this option — just make sure it matches his/her sign!

Dyson Supersonic

I don’t think we’ve met a girl who has yet to say that they don’t want a Dyson anything. And can you blame us? The Dyson hairdryer in particular is not just technologically advanced, it’s also beautifully designed and looks just oh-so premium.

If you want to spoil your girl (or yourself), this is probably one of the best gifts to give. Can’t shell out that much for the Dyson Supersonic? This Xiaomi Dreame Hairdryer is a really similar and more affordable alternative worth checking out as well! 

Home Office Adjustable Monitor Riser

With today’s work-from-home setup, it pays to give your workstation an upgrade. Having a monitor riser not only opens up more space for your desk, but also makes sure that the display is aligned with your line of sight for less strain over long periods of being in front of the computer. 

Or if you want to step it up a bit, you can go for one that comes with USB ports and a wireless charging pod for added functionalities.

Color-changing, App-controlled LED Lights

Zero RGBW Light stip

Since we’re on the topic of upgrading our workstations, throwing in a pair of LED lights sure do give the area a different feel. Install LED strip lights or LED bulbs that pair with an app and change color so you can set different moods in an instant.

Fogging Machine for Cars

These disinfectant fogging machines use atomizers that altogether help clean small areas like car interiors, offices, or at home. Having this inside your vehicle to use every once in a while should help make it safer when you go out and travel.

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro

Sleek and feature-packed, the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro is the perfect gift to someone who’s into an active lifestyle with an appreciation for good design. It features a touch display, activity tracking, and more. Full review here.

Gundam Models

This falls more on the fun side of things. For someone who’s into collectibles, building awesome figures, and who grew up in the 90s, Gundam figures are always a good idea and something that one can never have enough of.

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