5 home gadgets and appliances to make your life easier

5 home gadgets and appliances to make your life easier

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Are you a one-person household? Don’t fret since we’re here for you!

Do you know that there are around 300 million people around the world who live alone? Though living alone can help a person become more independent, there are a lot of challenges that come with it especially during the adjustment period. You might find yourself asking, “Who will help me clean the house after work? How will I cook? Will I do the laundry and dishes all by myself?”

Investing in essential and efficient home gadgets can help ease the adjustment period when living alone. Here are some suggested devices and appliances that can upgrade and maintain your simple household without the need to get a housekeeper:

Robot vacuum cleaner

Too tired to sweep the floor? Here’s Xiaomi Mijia 1C Robot, it has visual dynamic navigation system which captures information, extracts complex spatial features, and maintains dynamic surveys while traveling to map the area more accurately and efficiently.

It can mop 200ml worth of liquid substance, has powerful suction with four modes, and has a 600ml dust box. It comes with a high-precision sensor, 15 types of multi-directional sensors that are sensitive to various complex environments and avoids obstacles easily. It can be programmed by the Mijia app and it charges automatically.

Dishwashing machine

If you are not a fan of doing the dishes just like me, try checking out AVA Mini Dishwasher. It is a fully automatic dishwashing machine that can wash, dry, disinfect, and can store your dishes. It is installation-free and is basically plug-and-play. It is the smallest dishwasher in the market, but its capacity is 20-30% larger than other brands. It also comes with a vegetable and fruit cleaning feature.

Washing machine

To help us clean our clothes, towels, and linens, the LG T2165VSPW1 may be of great help. It is a 6.5kg smart inverter and fully automatic washing machine and comes with a Smart Diagnosis feature. It lets you connect through the LG Smart Laundry app on your smartphone to identify and guide the solution needed.

Coffee maker

For coffee lovers out there, here’s the Nespresso Pixie Coffee Maker just for you. It is a machine crafted for those with high standards in coffee as well as the aesthetics of the device. With only two buttons, this machine has a 19-bar high-pressure pump and a fast heat-up system. So get ready to extract all the flavors from your coffee in a very simple way.

Smart air conditioner

Coming from work and too exhausted that you want your room to cool before you arrive? Here’s the LG Inverter Air Conditioner and you may opt for the window-type or the split-type air conditioner. You can control them through your smartphone, and you can even schedule when to power it up and when to shut the aircon down using the LG ThinQ app.

Extra: Wall organizer

Here’s something extra for you guys. This wall organizer lets you sort and organize stuff that clutters your view whether it be in the bathroom, kitchen, or your work area. Alternatively, you may try this Possibuild Pegboard if you need a bigger and wider space to organize your things.

Final thoughts

Living alone doesn’t have to be complicated. Investing in the right gadgets will help you be more efficient and make things easier. What can you say about our list? Want to add something to it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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