5 reasons why you’ll better enjoy Days Gone for PC

5 reasons why you’ll better enjoy Days Gone for PC

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The popular open-world survival horror game Days Gone introduced in 2019 for the PlayStation 4 just became officially available for PC today. As such, it brings new features for more immersive gameplay as well as retains previous game modes that fans enjoyed.

Here are some key differences why you’ll most likely enjoy the game better on PC than its console counterpart.

A variety of supported controllers

Of course, being a PC version, keyboard and mouse input are supported and can be tweaked in terms of sensitivity for aiming, riding your bike with exclusive skins, and more. But for those who are used to playing on consoles, the game also supports first and third-party controllers so there’s no need to learn to game on an unfamiliar platform.

Simply pair your compatible controller with your PC and everything should work normally.

Display customization

The PC version boasts an increased level of detail that you can customize depending on the capabilities of your rig. This is a very welcome addition as the PS4 only comes with standard internals and utilizing a dedicated gaming PC would offer more control to fine-tune the game’s graphics.

Additionally, players will also be able to experience a better field of view and foliage draw distances.

This should make visuals for its New Game Plus, Survival, and Challenge modes more customized to your preference. And with a list of system requirements that is fairly accessible to a wide range of gamers, a lot will be able to enjoy the full potential of the game.

Super-resolution photo mode

I personally have fun with games that have photo modes as I like taking scenic (sometimes funny) moments in-game. And with Super-resolution Photo mode, you can choose to go up close with your subject and still maintain detail and clarity and show the most subtle lines and creases in the skin or textures.

21:9 ultra-wide monitor support

Imagine the detail with its display customization and even Super-resolution Photo mode working together and shown in ultra-wide aspect ratio. Depending on the size of your 21:9 display, your peripheral vision could also come into play and give you the advantage to avoid being flanked by enemies.

But most importantly, with a wider monitor, you see more of the environment that results in a more immersive gaming experience.

Unlocked framerate

And probably the most significant upgrade from the console is the capability to go for high framerates to make use of today’s powerful gaming desktops. This means players will get to enjoy high frame rates that would make for smoother movements and better overall gameplay even while fending off groups of Freakers.

BONUS: Mod support

Let’s admit it. Game mods, although unofficial, are notorious with PC users and can be really fun and funny to do every once in a while.

Apart from changing the protagonist, Deacon St. John, into another absurd character, for example, there are also some fan-made mods with extra gameplay content in the past, so it’s also a possibility for this title.

And with no news of upcoming sequels for Days Gone, having unofficial content is not that farfetched.

Are you ready to once again experience the adventures of Deacon St. John through better, more immersive visuals? Days Gone for PC is now available for PhP 2,490 over at Steam.