Coronavirus Car Care: 5 simple vehicle maintenance tips

Coronavirus Car Care: 5 simple vehicle maintenance tips

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With the quarantine in Luzon still in effect and no clear sight of it being lifted anytime soon, a dear family member of ours is left unattended. That is, of course, our beloved cars. We all get that staying indoors and practicing social distancing is our top priority at the moment. Though, we shouldn’t neglect that one family member that always gets to where we need to be.

Here are five simple things you can do to help keep your car in good running condition during this pandemic.

Give that battery some juice


This may seem very basic, but, it’s quite easy to forget that your car’s battery needs constant charging. Car batteries discharge over time and the easiest way to prevent a dead battery is to drive your car at regular intervals so you wouldn’t reach the point when you have to jump-start your car just to revive its battery.

Starting and idling your car may be better than nothing, but actually driving your car is the best way to recharge a battery. Even if it’s just up and down the street of your neighborhood a few times.

You should move it, move it!

Driving your car not only keeps the battery charged, but also prevents the engine and other mechanicals from drying out. If a car sits for too long, oil starts to settle, fluids begin to separate, and seals can begin to dry out — all of which will definitely cost a small fortune to fix.

Hop in your car, maybe bring your pet with you, and go for a short stroll around your neighborhood — just be sure to take the necessary precautions like wearing face masks!

Flats ain’t a good thing

If your car stays parked, you lose tire pressure over time. And if a car sits for too long, the weight of the vehicle can cause flat spots to develop where the rubber meets the road. The only remedy to flat spots is to buy another set of tires which is a costly solution. This is why it’s best to move your car around at least once a week to avoid this problem.

Fill ‘er up

With gas prices so low nowadays, it’s definitely a good time to fill your gas tank to the brim. Doing so prevents unwanted condensation in your tank. Plus, it also stops gas fumes from building up in your tank to hazardous levels.

And finally…

Keep off the parking brake

This may seem a bit odd because you’re disengaging a safety feature. But, leaving the parking brake on for an extended period of time can cause the brake pads and rotor to stick or fuse together. This isn’t a must, but, highly advisable if you plan on leaving your car stagnant for more than a week.

With all these in mind, your car should stay happy and healthy, even under quarantine.