How the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro helps me stay consistent with fitness routines

How the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro helps me stay consistent with fitness routines

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With the new year comes new goals and plans. And for most people, being healthy or incorporating more fitness routines in their daily activities is a common idea — “New year, new me” as they would say.

With that in mind, it helps when you log personal data to have a point of reference as you go on with your new fitness journey. It also helps when you take note of routines you do and the intensity of each exercise so you’re aware of how much stronger you’re becoming over time. Thankfully, these and more are easily done on a smartwatch. But beyond data logging and tracking, consistency is key especially when starting out.

What I have with me is the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro. I’m no hardcore fitness buff or gym instructor, and this is not an article on how to lose weight. But here’s how it keeps me consistent with my routines if you want to make sure that you don’t start the year with a sedentary lifestyle.

It helps build habit over time

With the watch’s built-in notification alerts and alarm, you can either set a reminder on your phone or an alarm straight on your watch to get up and start exercising everyday or every other day (depending on your preferred schedule). Doing this, I find that there’s little to no excuse to miss a scheduled activity.

For me, 2:30 is the time I drop what I’m doing, bring out the exercise mat, and start moving.

It’s also extra helpful for those who are just starting out as it helps build habit over time. In the long run, you might not even need to set reminders or alarms anymore once your body gets into that routine of being active during certain times of the week. Although for me, having my watch vibrate every 2:30 PM means I need to stop what I’m doing, bring out the exercise mat, and start moving — even just for a while.

It gives a sense of achievement

During our review of this watch, we’ve shown you how it’s able to log the things you do. All these data are then reflected in the watch’s Activity Records which you can view in entirety on your wrist with just a few swipes. It shows an overview of your daily activity on its first page and swiping up reveals the cumulative efforts you clocked in for the week. You have your step counter, activity logger, and hours active display that tells you how well you’re doing so far in the week.

Seeing my progress for the week pushes me to achieve that weekly goal.

The reason why it helps me stay consistent in being active is that it gives me a goal at the end of each week that I should reach. Plus, seeing my progress day in and day out gives me a sense of achievement and I’m sure it could work positively for other users as well.

Of course, all these data are saved in your smartphone which you could check for a more comprehensive analysis of your activities. But having them readily available on the watch is convenient especially for quick glances while you’re on a rest break, for example.

It maintains your fitness momentum

As established previously, the Watch GT 2 Pro comes with an array of built-in fitness activities for your everyday needs. From High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to practicing Karate, to even hula hooping — it should be able to keep track of what you’re doing and provide data for your workout sessions.

One major benefit I experience from this is that it doesn’t limit me to what I can do for the day. Let’s face it, there are times that you’d rather just sit on the couch and watch TV rather than exercise. During instances like these, I could simply switch up my routine for the day with something that I find more interesting to do.

When I feel lazy to do one exercise, I substitute it with something else just so I don’t skip a day in my routine.

If I don’t feel like doing HIIT, for example, I can opt for swimming since the watch has 5ATM water resistance or engage in sports and the watch will do its thing and log calories burned, minutes active, and more.

This way, I still clocked in some activity and shed some sweat instead of just falling into a trap of skipping a day or two and breaking your hard-earned momentum.

Final thoughts

With our new year goals and today’s work-from-home setup, it’s a bit easier to carve out time from your day and dedicate it to working on your fitness and health. What is hard is to be consistent and to push through your goals even when this “new year, new me” hype has died down for you. I personally have a tendency to be guilty of this and using the GT 2 Pro has so far been helping me stay on track and keep me focused on achieving those self-appointed goals.

Hopefully, you find a device or something that will push you to be more active just like how the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro did for me. If you don’t have the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro, you can get it for PhP 11,999 and it comes with an entertainment package consisting of a multi-connector, Bluetooth speakers, and more. This promo runs until January 17, 2021 so go ahead and check that out if you’re interested.

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