Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro unboxing, hands-on

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro unboxing, hands-on

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Huawei’s Watch GT series has been a huge success mainly through the variety of features it offers but also because it comes in such an attractive design for everyday use.

The new and updated Watch GT 2 family has just been announced in the Philippines and we got first dibs on the Watch GT 2 Pro. In a nutshell, the features remain pretty much the same but the material used to make it has been refreshed so not only does it look more premium, but it should also be tougher.

The device is packaged in this premium-looking box. Removing the cover introduces us to the device itself which is displayed in a way to greet the user.

The most noticeable thing, obviously, is its large watch face which we’ll discuss more later on. Further digging into the package and we’ll come across the accessories included like its USB-C cable and charging cradle for wireless charging. The warranty card and quick start guide also come in the box.

I personally like how the Watch GT 2 Pro is packaged. Although there are not that many contents inside, they were able to make a simple box presentable and obviously thought-out.

Going to the device itself, the Watch GT 2 Pro carries a 1.39-inch AMOLED display with 454 x 454 resolution. Having this kind of display means colors are expected to be vibrant while blacks naturally have deep dark richness in them.

It’s also worth noting that the glass protecting the screen is made of sapphire — the same glass that Apple uses to reinforce a lot of its products. Sapphire is harder to scratch than Corning’s Gorilla Glass so that should help keep your watch scratch-free.

The material of its chassis, on the other hand, is no slouch either. The device is made of a titanium body so not only does it look really sleek and feel light, but it’s also resistant to extreme temperatures.

There are two buttons — the Power button up top and a Function button on the bottom. They look simple and are sized decently for easy navigation and input.

Meanwhile, the backplate is produced with ceramic as the main material. This means it’s less likely to irritate the skin so you can wear the watch for long periods of time without developing any usage discomforts.

And speaking of comfort while wearing it, the black fluoroelastomer strap should also be lightweight and breathable for the wrist while looking simple and elegant.

As for the setup, pairing the device with the required Huawei Health app was quick and painless. It took a bit of time when the update was installing on the watch itself but overall, it was a smooth setup experience.

Once pairing and setup are done, you can put it on and immediately access its features. Just like before, Huawei offers more than 100 workout modes so pretty much whatever you’ll be doing can be tracked by the Watch GT 2 Pro.

In addition to keeping tabs on your workouts, you can also track your sleep patterns just like before. The goal is to maintain healthy sleeping habits through in-app suggestions based on your daily data.

Additional features for the Watch GT 2 Pro include a 5 ATM water resistance meaning you can take it to the pool, in the shower, and the likes. Just don’t go diving with it. It also comes with Sp02 detection to monitor the oxygen level in your blood, heart rate monitoring, and air pressure monitoring for added weather info.

Since a lot of its features are geared towards fitness, it even comes with its own speakers and 4GB of storage to store music for playback when you exercise or run on your own, for example. And just like its previous iteration, this device promises a two-week battery life and supports wireless charging. So far, we’ve had it on for three days now and we still haven’t charged it from out of the box.

We’ll be taking this out for a spin and prepare the full review. Meanwhile, if you have any questions you’d like answered, leave them in the comments and we’ll include them for our upcoming review.