How to Netflix Party and chill

How to Netflix Party and chill

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So you’re at home at a weekend with nothing to do since you’re practicing social distancing (good job!). Sure, you can always just binge-watch movies and TV series but if you want to watch with some friends, you can always Netflix Party and chill.

Netflix Party allows you to watch with other people online. Basically, video playback is synchronized for everyone participating and a group chat is added so you can communicate on an additional platform while watching your favorite shows and films.

How to set up a watch party

It only requires a desktop or laptop and a Chrome browser. Of course, you need to have an account on Netflix above everything else.

Begin by downloading this Chrome plugin for Netflix Party and select “Add to Chrome” to successfully install. Then, you may head over to Netflix’s website and choose any title you want to watch and start playing the video.


Create your party by clicking on the red “NP” icon found next to the address bar. Normally, the button is just grayed out but will turn red when it detects that you can start a watch party.

When prompted, select “Start Party” and you will then be provided by a URL which you can send to your friends.

That’s basically it! If ever your friend has already made a party, just have them send you a link that will redirect to Netflix’s website. All there’s left to do is click the “NP” button beside the address bar and you’ll be included in the party and group binge-watching online is now possible!

So far, we’ve tried it and when the host skips forward or goes back to a certain point of the movie, the rest follows to offer a synchronized viewing experience for everyone. Give it a go and let us know how if you find this feature helpful!