More details about the Sony PlayStation 5 revealed

More details about the Sony PlayStation 5 revealed

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After a long time of waiting, Sony has revealed more details about its next-generation gaming console.

Through a live stream event, Mark Cerny, PS5 lead system architect, goes a bit technical and gives a rundown on what the company aims to achieve for the upcoming console.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in at this collection of things we know about the PS5 and how it will supposedly “shape the future of games”.

Way better internals

As expected, the setup will be significantly better than Sony’s current console when it comes to internals. The PS5 will run on new processing chips from AMD at 3.5GHz, will have eight cores and 16 threads, and will come with a 16GB memory. Meanwhile, the graphics processing unit is AMD’s Custom RDNA 2 GPU.

This simply means that the PS5 is expected to have graphics performance that will be worthy for the term, “next-generation”.

Ray Tracing for immersion

Ray Tracing is a Hollywood-level technology that improves shadows, reflections, lighting, and more to make graphics more natural and lifelike. With this alone, you can expect that gameplay will be more immersive especially for open-world titles.

8K support

I know that gaming with 4K resolution content isn’t generally accessible for everyone today. Although, it’s more of future-proofing and Sony is preparing by making its console capable of rendering such high graphics as early as now.

Instantaneous loading times

With the console’s first-ever solid-state drive, it should be capable of read and write speeds that are way beyond the performance of a traditional hard disc drive. By how much? Think of loading times as fast as a fade out and a fade in!

PS4 games on the new PS5

Backwards compatibility! We’ve heard of this before and it’s finally happening on the upcoming console. When it goes official, the company says almost all of the top 100 PlayStation 4 games will run perfectly well on the new PS5.

Not only that, but online gaming is also supported even for PS4 players.

Release date

The year has pretty much just kicked off but Sony says the official release of the PlayStation 5 will be during the holiday season of 2020.

That means there’s still time to save up for when it’s official. After all, it’s rumored to cost more than the current models.

What do you think of the upcoming PS5 and what it’s shaping up to be? Is it something that you’d be considering to get? Let us know in the comments section!