These free wallpapers remind you to always wash your hands

These free wallpapers remind you to always wash your hands

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While there have been constant reminders from the government, health sectors, and trusted media regarding steps to avoid spreading coronavirus, we sometimes still forget about them as they’re not the usual routine for some of us.

The folks at Gengoya — an illustration-based Japanese learning platform — share the same sentiments. This is why their team, led by founder Ferdi Trihadi, is offering free wallpapers for your phone to serve as constant reminders not only for your benefit, but also for those around you.

“By now we all know how to prevent Coronavirus from spreading. But for us, the most difficult part is reminding yourself to keep doing it, whether to wash your hand or to keep a distance,” Trihadi writes on his post. “So we had an idea to create a series of phone wallpapers. With this wallpaper, you will be reminded to do that thing you keep forgetting every time you look at your phone, he adds.”

There are four available wallpapers up for grabs. Each has a message that serves as a reminder — from washing your hands thoroughly to practicing safe distance and just staying at home.

Head to the post for full resolution download links.

The artwork for the wallpaper is neat and simple and goes with the design aesthetics for Trihadi’s brand. You may check out their website or Instagram page for more of their works and products.