Specs comparison: Xiaomi Mi 10 vs Mi 10 Pro

Specs comparison: Xiaomi Mi 10 vs Mi 10 Pro

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While it’s true that Xiaomi still has phones that offer capable performances without breaking the bank, the company is also going toe-to-toe with big players in the smartphone market.

Xiaomi has launched its flagship phones globally in the form of the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro. Obviously, the Pro variant will be loaded with better features and is the top variant among the three (including the entry-level Mi 10 Lite 5G).

Let’s take a quick look at the differences and similarities between the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro.

The two phones are basically one in terms of general capabilities. Apart from colors, they both have the same form factor, display, processor used, and support for wireless charging. They even have the same main and selfie cameras.

Where they differ mainly, though, is in the rest of the camera department. The Mi 10 Pro is loaded with a tandem of zoom sensors comprising of its 8-megapixel hybrid zoom for subjects far away and a 12-megapixel optical zoom that comes in handy for portraits.

Its 108-megapixel main sensor is also a tad bit better than the mid-tier model since it carries an 8P lens vs the Mi 10’s 7P setup. It should technically produce sharper images but we still have to find out how much difference it makes.

Battery implementation is the next differentiator of the two flagship devices. The Mi 10 actually carries a larger capacity than the Mi 10 Pro but it features a faster wired charging with its 50W output. Wireless charging is rated at 30W for both handsets.

Finally, and of course, pricing is also different. The Xiaomi Mi 10 is tagged at EUR 799 (approx. PhP 44,700 or US$ 879) while the higher-end Mi 10 Pro is at EUR 999 (approx. PhP 56,000 or US$ 1,099).