Put your wet suit on for Animal Crossing’s summer update!

Put your wet suit on for Animal Crossing’s summer update!

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The Nintendo Switch-exclusive game Animal Crossing: New Horizons is due to receive its biggest update yet! Starting July 3, players will be able to dive into the water surrounding their island and explore for newly added items in the game.

The upcoming free update is the first of two, with the second wave (get it?) coming this August. It’s still unclear what the second batch of improvements will bring but for players in the Northern Hemisphere, your summer will have more things to do thanks to this July update.

By swimming around, you can get starfish, eels, anemones, and more that you can give to Blathers to add to your growing museum collection. In addition to being able to swim around and collecting items, a new character is going to be introduced. Pascal, a sea otter, will be around to give you new recipes — like a Mermaid Dresser!

Watch this quick video showing the new things you can do when the update is released. And try to look for Gulliver. Based on what he’s wearing, has he found a new group to sail the seas with?