Apple could be launching the new iPhone SE tomorrow

Apple could be launching the new iPhone SE tomorrow

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New information has come to light about Apple’s supposed entry-level iPhone model. What’s interesting of all is that the company may be open for pre-orders within the next few days, possibly even tomorrow.

9to5Mac was able to receive pertinent details regarding this new model including its model name, colors, storage, and other specs.

According to their report, this new entry-level iPhone will simply be called “iPhone SE”. The previous SE model had the body of the iPhone 5s coupled with upgraded internals and camera system which were similar to the iPhone 6s.

The initial speculation for the new iPhone SE was that it would act as a replacement for the iPhone 8 which is currently no longer receiving updates. If Apple is to follow the previous SE’s configurations, it’s expected that the new iPhone SE will be powered by the same A13 processor found in the latest iPhone 11 series but will use a different body, possibly the iPhone 8’s body. The A13 processor is two models higher than what the iPhone 8 currently has. With this chip, Apple Arcade — Apple’s game subscription service — will also be unlocked as well as some augmented reality features.

Apple will be offering three color choices for the iPhone SE: White, black, and red. Five different cases in both leather and silicone will also be available.

9to5Mac also confirms that there will be three storage variations for the new iPhone SE: 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB.

While it’s expected that the new iPhone SE will use a similar housing to the iPhone 8, it’s presumed to have a better battery and improved battery life. This is due to the removal of the 3D Touch feature found on older iPhones.

As for its price, there’s no real confirmation for any of the three models. However, supply chain analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, reported last year that Apple was planning to price the model for around US$ 399 — that’s US$ 50 cheaper than the current price of the iPhone 8.

Retailers are reportedly already starting to prepare display cases to showcase the new iPhone for as early as this Sunday. But as to when Apple will make the official announcement is still unknown.