Community is coming to Netflix in April!

Community is coming to Netflix in April!

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You’ll soon be spending time with Troy and Abed in the morning! Netflix took to Twitter to announce that it will start streaming the beloved sitcom starting April 1. And no, it’s not an April’s fool joke.

Netflix signed a multi-year, non-exclusive global deal with Community distributor, Sony Pictures TV, to air all six seasons of the show. Initially, Community was exclusive to Hulu but Sony has since then extended the license to Netflix. A non-exclusive deal would mean that Sony is looking to license the show to other platforms apart from Netflix and Variety reports that they are, in fact, having discussions with other potential partners.

According to Deadline, Netflix paid “significantly” more due to the request of global rights. This means that Netflix will most likely reach all or most regions and the deal is said to last about 3 -4 years.

Community stems from the mind of Rick and Morty creator, Dan Harmon, who based the show on his real-life experiences in community college. First released in 2009, the show garnered critical acclaim and instantly became a cult classic with its meta jokes and various pop-culture references. As such, it was able to produce an extremely loyal — albeit small — fanbase. However, despite being highly regarded, the show struggled to keep itself on air.

During its third season, the network announced a hiatus and rumors of cancelation started to spread. Fans took to the internet using the ever-famous hashtag, #SixSeasonsAndAMovie, to voice out their support. Community was able to continue on for two more seasons on NBC until Yahoo! picked it up for its sixth and final season for its now-abandoned streaming platform, Yahoo! Screen.