GM Launches STEM Summer School Series on YouTube

GM Launches STEM Summer School Series on YouTube

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Schools may be winding down the remote-learning programs put into place during the COVID-19 pandemic, but parents, teachers, and students everywhere are seeking new ways to keep minds active and inspired outside the classroom. General Motors, the parent company of Chevrolet, is lending support by releasing Electrifying Engineering, a free educational video series designed to foster ingenuity through hands-on activities while educating kids about electric vehicle technology.

Kris Sevel, EV Propulsion Engineer at General Motors and his daughters, teach kids how to build their own electric motor through General Motors Electrifying Engineering, STEM education series

Electrifying Engineering episodes will be released on YouTube every Sunday from June to July 2020. Episodes are hosted by different members of the GM team and touch on a wide range of topics, including electric car charging, electric car motors, autonomous vehicle sensors, and more. Episodes will feature an interactive engineering project designed for viewers to conduct in the comfort of their own homes, with everyday household items. Apart from the videos, GM also made downloadable instructions available for parents and kids to conduct the experiments.

Below are the available Electrifying Engineer episodes on GM’s YouTube channel:

How to Make an Electric Motor
General Motors Engineer, Kris Sevel, demonstrates what makes electric cars move and how to make your worn electric motor using household supplies.

How to Measure Air Quality Near Your Home
General Motors Environmental Engineer, Sophia Borroni-Bird, demonstrates how students can measure air quality with this at-home experiment.

How Autonomous Vehicles See the Road
General Motors Autonomous Engineering Manager, Charles Muse, teaches students how autonomous vehicles see the road through this online STEM lesson.

How to Design Your Own Car
General Motors designers show students how to imagine, design, and draw cars of the future.

How Batteries Work
General Motors Battery Engineer, Andy Oury, and his son show students how to make a battery at home and explain how batteries work in this online engineering STEM lesson.

Charles Muse, Autonomous Engineering Manager at General Motors talks Autonomous Electric Vehicles and guides children through a fun 3-D drawing activity through GM’s new Electrifying Engineering STEM education.

The series is designed for children ages 7-13. All activities should have adult supervision with proper safety precautions. The company recommends always wearing gloves and safety glasses while conducting experiments. When the project is complete, General Motors encourages viewers to share a picture on social media using the hashtag #ElectrifyingEngineering.

Happy watching!