Maxus shows off its D60 compact SUV

Maxus shows off its D60 compact SUV

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Maxus Philippines has been able to create a dent in the local automotive market since its introduction in June of 2019, introducing Filipino motorists, entrepreneurs, and their families to a line of world-class vehicles that have gone to the “Max” in terms of its design, functionality, performance, comfort, and safety.

Models such as the G10 MPV, V80 van, T60 pickup, and the G50 MPV come to mind when people speak of value-for-money and internationally-proven vehicles with a rich 124-year British heritage of the brand infused with technological, design, and engineering expertise sourced from all corners of the globe.

Despite the challenges and obstacles that faced the entire automotive industry this 2020, Maxus Philippines has proven to be an unstoppable force, forging ahead with its dealership network expansion and new vehicle launch—first with the G50 MPV and now with the D60 compact SUV.

It’s all about Maxus being true to its name. The Maxus logo, a combination of three triangles, represents technology, confidence, and progress, which stand as the brand’s pillars. The name “Maxus” itself drives these pillars to the fullness of its potential, as “Max” symbolizes a “sea of infinite possibilities” flowing into “us,” the people, both as the creators and end-users.

For just the exterior design alone, the D60 already conveys a guarantee of limitless possibilities. The front of the D60 inherits the unique Maxus grille design conveyed in two out-of-the-box expressions: “Cool black gypsophila” and “Dark Cobweb”, complemented by full-LED split matrix headlights flowing into the rear LED diamond taillight. In between the front and the rear, the mesmerizing linear “sea wave art” lends the body of the D60 the illusion of an endlessly rhythmic motion, fueling a youthful desire to move and be moved.

As Maxus Philippines’ climactic vehicle introduction in 2020, the D60 compact SUV is a bold statement that whatever challenges and difficulties we have faced this year, the exciting possibilities for the future remain as boundless as the oceans. The dynamic, fashionable, and elegant D60 is a clarion call for creative inspiration—inspiration best sparked by the three pillars: Technology, Confidence, and Progress.