Messenger Rooms is Facebook’s answer to Zoom

Messenger Rooms is Facebook’s answer to Zoom

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It was only a matter of time before Facebook made its move to release new video call features to its current Messenger app. That time is now and comes in the form of Messenger Rooms.

This new feature is obviously meant to rival the current crowd-favorite video conferencing app, Zoom, but with improved security measures and design.

With Messenger Room, users can pool together up to 50 participants and create a room right within their Messenger or Facebook app. All rooms will have no time limit and users will be able to instantly share their room through their News Feed, Groups, or Events pages.

Those participating in the call via the Messenger app will have access to AR effects, like bunny ear filters, as well as interchangeable 360-degree backgrounds and mood lighting.

One of Zoom’s greatest weaknesses is its security features or lack thereof. Facebook builds upon Zoom’s mistakes with improved privacy procedures. Messenger Rooms will let the user have the ability to control who can see and join rooms. Users will also be able to remove certain people from a call as well as the ability to lock rooms so no one else can enter.

Facebook is also pooling its resources and will soon offer native integrations with Instagram, WhatsApp, and Portal.

You can find Messenger Rooms on the People tab of the Messenger app. From there, simply create a room and select the people you want to join. You can also invite users without a Facebook account to join you by simply sharing the room’s link with them.

Messenger Rooms will initially be rolling out to select countries first. The global release will follow in a couple of weeks.