MG wants to produce its latest concept EV through crowdfunding

MG wants to produce its latest concept EV through crowdfunding

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MG’s latest EV concept that boasts a whopping 800km range, is equipped with L3 autonomous driving technology, and can go from 0-60 kp/h in less than three seconds — makes its debut in the metal at the ongoing 2021 Shanghai Motor Show. This futuristic roadster takes design cues from the classic MGB of yesteryear, while clearly demonstrating MG’s future-forward line of thinking.

But aside from launching the Cyberster, MG also revealed its latest campaign which calls for the direct participation of MG fans to make the Cyberster concept a reality. Dubbed the MG CyberCUBE, this co-creation platform puts people in the driver’s seat in bringing the Cyberster to life.

The MG CyberCUBE is a bold and interactive business model that’s designed to operate via active crowd-funding. This mass crowd-funding program will determine whether or not the MG Cyberster will be mass-produced. MG has determined that should it be able to generate 5000 crowd-funding shares, with each share amounting to RMB 1,000 (roughly Php 7,500 per share), the concept is considered a success and ready for mass production.

Should the MG Cyberster become a regular offering in the global MG roster of vehicles, it will mark a particularly significant milestone in MG history: a cutting-edge EV sportscar with autonomous driving technology, birthed from a British brand that’s steeped in almost a century of heritage. And, of course, the return of an MG roadster to the brand’s illustrious product lineup.