Nissan celebrates JUKE designers for International Women’s Day

Nissan celebrates JUKE designers for International Women’s Day

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When the Nissan JUKE first came out, it definitely stood out of the crowd. In a sea of clean and sharp lines, the JUKE piqued people’s interest with its fun, bold, and somewhat exaggerated curves, much like a beach buggy. Its design left a mark on audiences and became a vehicle that’s not easily forgotten.

The JUKE’s memorable design can be attributed to Nissan Colour Manager, Lesley Busby, and Nissan Colour, Material, and Finish Designer Carine Giachetti. And as a tribute to International Women’s Day, Nissan celebrates the design duo and their extraordinary work.

Nissan Juke

Busby and Giachetti are part of the Nissan Design Europe team whose office resides in the heart of London. The pair were constantly inspired by the juxtaposition of new and old which are ever-present in the city’s architecture, art, and fashion. Through this inspiration, the designers were able to come up with the new Nissan JUKE that aimed not just to improve the path its predecessor has paved but to further elevate its fun personality.

“It’s really exciting for us to grow with that expectation and rise to the challenge, particularly with the new JUKE,” says Lesley Busby. “We can offer customers a new level of personalization and quality to match. That’s incredibly rewarding for us,” she adds.

The N-grade design package of the new JUKE gives customers access to multiple color combinations for the body, roof, and interior upholstery. With 21 premium material options to choose from for both interior and exterior use, customization can be made at an extremely personal level. Busby and Giachetti also made sure to integrate fine details such as soft-touch surfaces on the dash and door trims as well as intricate piping on the optional Alcantara upholstery to really round out the new JUKE’s design.

Giachetti says that apart from drawing inspiration from their surroundings in London, they also collaborated with Nissan Technical Center Europe as well as their colleagues in Japan. The JUKE’s design is the end product of a real-world collaboration between Nissan’s team and elements of the outside world. It’s dubbed as a “testament to the creativity and diversity of the team.”

Check out this short video of the two designers and the new Nissan JUKE.