OPPO teases air-charging tech for its Reno Ace Infinity

OPPO teases air-charging tech for its Reno Ace Infinity

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Wireless charging can still be considered relatively new technology but despite that, OPPO looks like it’s ready and willing to take it to the next level.

OPPO posted a video on its Weibo account showcasing a new kind of charging technology called FreeVOOC air-charging. Based on the teaser video, it’s for a phone named Reno Ace Infinity.

According to the company, this new feature will allow smartphones to charge wirelessly even if the device is 10 meters away from the charger. The wireless charger emits an invisible laser light that is used to locate the phone. It will communicate with the Free VOOC coil, which is found on the side of the phone, to produce a stable charging power of 5W – 10W. The Free VOOC works with an absorption layer, conversion layer, and a conductive material which, OPPO says, will keep the battery charged forever.

The caveat? OPPO released this video on April 1 which makes it a possible April Fool’s joke. The company hasn’t said anything since its release and hasn’t been responding to people’s comments regarding this new announcement.

Huawei recently launched the P40 which is capable of wireless charging at 40W, the best in the market at this moment. It would be interesting if OPPO is to push through with this technology, if it does, it’s sure to shake up the current wireless charging trends of today.