We’ve got a Pokémon Go PvP participant repping PH in Continental Championships

We’ve got a Pokémon Go PvP participant repping PH in Continental Championships

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A few months back, we published an article about why people are still playing Pokémon Go in 2020, and among the reasons listed there is the game’s PvP (player-versus-player) aspect. Whether far away or nearby, a player can challenge another player to a battle to put each other’s Pokémon to the test and prove each other’s mettle.

Because of this feature alone, it’s no surprise that tournaments for Pokémon Go have been a huge chunk of the game’s appeal. Silph League Arena, the first globally coordinated competitive PvP league in Pokémon Go, has introduced 2020 Continental Championships.

The tournament has a very stringent process of choosing participants and sending invites. A player must either be a regional champion, a top competitor from large regionals, or top-ranking in national leaderboards, among others. Basically, you have to be a really skilled player for you to be invited into the preliminaries.

pokemon go pvp

This is where our Philippine representative, Roel Lazo (In-game name: Twibiskit), comes into the picture. He has been invited (along with 10 other players from the Philippines) for the preliminary rounds where he placed in the top eight against other countries in the Australasia region.

Because of this victory, he is on to the Continental finals to be held on July 18, 2020. For other regions, Europe, Latin America, and North America have also done their own preliminary rounds.

Whoever wins the Continental finals will be one of the four moving on to the World Championships and since this is the first of its kind, whoever wins will prove that he/she is the best like no one ever was.

To support Twibiskit and watch the finals in action, Silph League Arena will be streaming each Continental Final with live shout casting. For APAC, fellow Filipino Pokémon Go player and YouTuber BattleHero will be joining in to commentate on the battles.

The Arena will also have coverage of each matchup on the page’s Twitter feed and Discord server. For more information on Continental Championships, you may visit Silph League Arena’s page.

Best of luck, Twibs!