YouTube Shorts will reportedly rival TikTok

YouTube Shorts will reportedly rival TikTok

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With TikTok videos now more rampant than ever, YouTube could soon be jumping in with its own version in a new feature called ‘Shorts’.

Shorts will operate similarly to TikTok in that it will cater to short-form videos. This means this new feature is seemingly posing itself as the latter’s direct competitor.

YouTube does have a couple of resources that may give it the upper hand. According to The Information, users will be able to access licensed music from the Google-owned YouTube music library to use in their videos. Additionally, YouTube also already has a pool of established content creators who can easily push this new feature.

Dylan Byers of NBC News tweeted shortly after the report was posted. He says that, in his upcoming podcast, he will talk with YouTube chief Susan Wojcicki with an item that confirms this new piece of information.

The Shorts feed will be visible from within the YouTube mobile app, similar to how Stories was rolled out. It’s planned to launch by the end of this year.

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