Three reasons why Melbits World should be your next break-time mobile game

Three reasons why Melbits World should be your next break-time mobile game

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Everyone has a game they subconsciously open on their phone when they’ve got some free time on their hands. And most recently for me, it’s been a little puzzle game called Melbits World.

A good amount of my work involves writing, reading, and looking at words and this can get really tiring for my eyes. Melbits World became appealing because it gave me something really cute and colorful to look at while still being able to give my brain some kind of challenge.

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Melbits World is also available on PlayStation and the Nintendo Switch. Unlike its console counterparts though, you’ll be able to play the game solo. In fact, I personally liked it better that way because it became much more fun. I know that might make it sound like I may be a bit of a loner but no, if you play the game you’ll understand. But if you really want to, you can technically play local co-op by having another person control half of the device’s screen but I didn’t find it the most intuitive especially if you’re playing on a smaller device.

So, what about Melbits World got me hooked and had me opening it up every time I’d take a break?

It’s surprisingly challenging

When you look at the game’s characters, colors, and design, you really wouldn’t think much of it. The world is cute, simplistic, and a pastel lover’s dream. The characters are pudgy, squishy, and sound adorable. But beneath the cuddly exterior of Melbits World are real challenging puzzles. The mechanics are quite simple. In every level, you’ll have to figure out how to get your Melbits to the exit using moveable platforms and other contraptions like springs, fans, and others that you’ll be controlling. All this while collecting seeds on the way and avoiding enemies.

When you start the game off, you’re given fairly simple puzzles. This is the best way to really get familiar with the gameplay. When you start progressing and getting to higher levels, you’ll be greeted with different combinations of enemies, puzzles, and contraptions to use which makes it really challenging. And when you have to figure out the correct path for more than one character at a time, you’re challenged to think and act fast. One wrong move or pressing the button just a second too late can make all the difference and it can get really frustrating to have to figure it all out at once. But it’s a fun kind of frustrating. The kind that makes you want to keep doing it over and over again till you get it right.

Binge-worthy gameplay

With 72 levels to finish, you’re going to be playing this game for a little while. The levels are spread over different worlds which are all differently themed. I found all the worlds to be really well-designed and, more importantly, it gave me a reason to keep playing. You can switch from one world to another if you want a different feel and this really helped in making the game feel fresh every time.

Apart from the number of levels, another reason you’ll want to keep playing is that you can actually finish a level in more than just one way. I do believe there’s an optimal way, but it’s also really fun to look for alternative ways to get the characters across or to beat certain challenges. There are also different goals to achieve for every level which makes the game very replayable. Whenever I needed a break from work, I could easily grab my phone and start playing a couple of levels (or the same level) for a good while. It really was a good way to “stretch” my brain after it’s been working too hard on much more serious things.

Cute and customizable characters

You just can’t deny how cute Melbits World is. The game perfectly captures that kawaii look it’s so obviously going for and the result are charming, well-designed levels accompanied by instantly lovable characters. The variety in the designs of the worlds, as I mentioned earlier, was different enough to help keep the game feeling new. But whether you’re playing on Hobby Island or the funky Art District, you’ll always feel that Melbits World charm.

Now, of course, it’s only logical that cute characters like these can be given costumes too. There are a lot of unlockable outfits and accessories you can use on your characters. Some you unlock, some you can purchase. The costumes are adorable and it’s really fun to see your Melbits dressed as a sumo wrestler or unicorn. You can dress up the different characters from different worlds so you can really make your characters look unique.

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for a cute game to fill up a couple of minutes (hours?) of your time, then I highly suggest Melbits World. You’ll get drawn in by the unassuming cuteness of it all only to be greeted with challenging and fun puzzles that you’ll want to replay over and over again. Every level provides a different problem that really challenges how creative you can be. Combine that with cute, bouncy characters running around wonderfully designed worlds, then you’ve got yourself a pretty fun game.

If you want to check the game out yourselves, Melbits World is now available for download for free on both Google PlayStore and Apple App Store.