Honda BeAT Premium review: Your everyday no-fuss scooter

Honda BeAT Premium review: Your everyday no-fuss scooter

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Honda is currently the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world and has always been known as one of the technological leaders in the two-wheel industry due to its racing history. When someone says Honda, you think of quality, reliability, and durability. So naturally, I had high expectations going in and reviewing this bike.

The Honda BeAT is one of the most affordable and sought out scooter lines in Asia and especially here in the Philippines. You will often see these plying the city’s roads as it is made for city traffic. There are currently three variants for the Honda BeAT and what we have here is the top-of-the-line Premium model. Who is this for? Read my review and find out.


When it comes to design, it looks just like your daily run-off-the-mill scoot. It has a stylish headlight that easily illuminates the road while its sharp-looking taillight also looks decent.

The seat is a grippy synthetic leather and the BeAT has a grab bar at the end of the pillion seat that’s of good quality. Its seat height is 740mm with a ground clearance of 149mm which is just right for daily rides on normal paved roads.

The 14-inch cast wheels also look great and I like that the tires are already tubeless.

As a scooter, I expected this to have a number of storage spaces because scooters are known for exactly that. Unfortunately, though, the BeAT’s storage space is smaller than the average but still decently sized.

You have pockets just below the handlebar with the right able to fit a bottle. There’s also a small hook to hang plastic bags or small groceries, for example.

And below the seat is 11 liters of storage space. Usually, this is where riders keep their helmets but sadly, a normal size helmet doesn’t fit here.


There are not a lot of features on the Honda BeAT and that is expected for its class as an entry-level scooter.

Your instruments at the dash are basic. It has an analog speedometer, digital odometer, and a fuel gauge. It’s so basic that It doesn’t even have a Trip A and Trip B for recording your mileage.

However, a feature that I found extra useful was its green ECO light indicator that will help you get the most out of your fuel consumption. As long as it lights up, you know you’re running the engine in its sweet spot.

The BeAT is also equipped with an idle-stop feature for whenever you’re at a full stop. In five seconds of being stationary, the BeAT will shut down its engine and as soon as you pull the throttle, your engine will turn back on automatically. This should also help save on gas.

Furthermore, this scooter both has an electric starter and a kick starter. And with most Honda bikes, a kill switch to the engine is present whenever the side stand is down. It’s a good safety feature that I personally love about Honda bikes.


The Honda BeAT is powered by a 110cc single overhead camshaft air-cooled single-cylinder engine equipped with Honda’s Enhanced Smart Power technology that promises safety, performance, and fuel efficiency.

It has 8.7hp and 9.21Nm of torque with an automatic tranny. The suspension comes with a telescopic fork in front and a mono-shock single-sided swingarm at the back.

You also get a single disc brake in front and a drum brake at the rear with no ABS or Anti-lock Braking System. However, it does have CBS or Combi Brake System. This means it only uses one brake lever to activate both front and rear brakes.

I found this new brake system odd at first, but I started to slowly appreciate it because of its convenience during heavy traffic of just using one hand when you need to brake frequently.

This scooter also has a handbrake that allows you to safely park your bike in an inclined area without the worry of your bike falling or sliding.


It commands an upright riding position which is comfortable and gives ample space for the legs.

Although one thing I noticed was that my feet do not fit in the footboard which is uncomfortable at times because my 11.5-sized shoes (US) were often slanted sideways while riding. So that’s one thing to consider if you have shoes close to my size.

When it comes to open roads, this scooter can only do so much as it only has an output power of 8.7 horses.

Testing its full speed while the center stand is on, I got a top reading of 110kph but on the road with me at 5’11” and around 200lbs, it goes up until 90kph.

However, the scooter is noticeably light and nimble as it only weighs around 93kg. Changing lanes is effortless as well as turning and performing U-turns. The shocks are on the softer side so the ride is as comfortable as it can get.

The BeAT flourishes as a city ride and is forgiving on bumps and potholes. It has enough torque to get ahead of the rest at traffic lights and the bike is narrow enough to squeeze through tight spaces like a breeze. It’s a perfect bike getting through city traffic especially in Metro Manila.

Honda claims that its gas consumption is around 60km/L. As I tested the bike without minding the ECO light, I clocked in at around 44km/L with up to 52km/L if I’m conscious about the ECO light indicator.

It’s not 60km/L but still good enough for everyday errands. Again, fuel consumption varies on the weight of the rider as well.

Pricing and final thoughts

With the price tag of PhP 70,400 for this top-of-the-line model, you get a no-fuss and efficient city scooter perfect for those on a budget. With traffic getting more and more congested in the metro and gas prices going up, this is an ideal everyday bike to have.

But if you are looking for performance and all the bells-and-whistles of a scooter bike, it might be better to check something else. This is a bare-bones bike that will get you from point A to point B easily.

It’s not the fanciest and most equipped scooter in the market but for beginners or even experienced riders who just want a quick scoot to go around the city, the Honda BeAT effortlessly does that. Additionally, this bike is assembled here in the Philippines so the price for servicing the Beat won’t be an issue.