realme Buds Q review: Designer TWS made real affordable

realme Buds Q review: Designer TWS made real affordable

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If you are one of the many people who have shifted to online platform for meetings and classes, and is a person who’s into earphones, then this product review is just the right thing for you. realme has just released the Buds Q wireless earphones, and it promises to be a great help for those who are in online classes and meetings, just like many of us these days.


The sleek and elegant look of the device is designed by none other than the world-renowned José Lévy who, by the way, also designs for fashion brand Hermès. The smooth and classy design of the charging cradle is inspired by a pebble which explains its smooth design in a matte finish.

For build quality, its charging cradle and earbuds are both made of hard plastic. The earbuds are also created with rubber ear tips for added comfort.

What we liked about the design is its straightforward approach with a 3.6g ultra-light Body, the earbuds feel as light as a paper, which works well for a slew of activities. The device is coated in black which is stealthy and is something that you can put on and will blend with your clothes easily.

This particular device has three available colors: Quite Black, Quite Yellow, and Quite White.

Comfort Factor

As an in-ear buds, it took me quite some time to get acclimated to using the device because my ears get easily strained with prolonged usage of earphones, but the lightweight property of the Buds Q makes it very comfortable to wear.

We would confidently say that the Buds Q can be used comfortably when you’re gaming on your computer, watching videos on your phone, or listening to music while doing your errands. We used it a couple of times while doing online meetings at home, walking around, fulfilling errands, and doing regular exercises and were glad to share that it doesn’t easily fall off your ears, and is something that a person with sensitive ears like me, can wear for a long period of time. 

Audio Quality and Performance

The realme Buds Q is the company’s first in-ear True Wireless Stereo earbuds, with 10mm Bass Boost driver and a 119ms Super Low Latency feature. This gives users a great audio quality and offers a great experience for gaming and watching movies. However, the bass and treble are not quite balanced since the Bass Boost Driver tends to intensify the bass, this basically has a tendency to suppress the vocal’s clarity. But if you are into RNB or if you like thumping or resounding audio, then this will work well for you. 

The Buds Q also has a built-in microphone for calls and online conferences. As we’ve tested it out, there were no issues with the built-in microphones and online participants can clearly hear us talk. The Buds Q is also IPX4 water-resistant which could work really well during workouts. 

Both earbuds have touch functions as well, which can control play/pause media, answer/drop calls, and enter/exit game mode. Other functions may also be customized through the realme Link app.

It also proves useful during video chats which is part of today’s ‘new normal’. We actually had it on in most of our online meetings. This is a lot more convenient than having wired headphones because we can be away from our devices for about 10 meters more, and still be clear and connected to the virtual meetings we attended. With this, we were able to multitask and be more productive. 


The realme Bud Q also promises to have 20-hour battery life. Yes, you’ve read that right. These earbuds have longer battery life than the average wireless earbuds that are usually rated at about five to eight hours of battery life. 

We have tried using it during a full online class schedule as well as in long meetings and it did not fail. We were able to use the earbuds for four straight days without charging it and you just need about two hours to fully charge it.

Creature Feature

In our reviews, The Modern Creatures aims to find that one special feature of a device that makes it worth having — something that gives the product a slight edge from among its peers. For the Buds Q, it’s the instant connection that provides a smooth transition between devices, from PC to mobile phones, swiftly. This is something significant for us and our work, especially that we tend to switch from one device to another most of the time.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the realme Buds Q is designed to provide users the best wireless earbuds experience for only PhP 1,490. From its long battery life, an ultra-lightweight form factor, classy design, and all its useful features, the realme Buds Q has a great potential to be everyone’s go-to accessory during this time when it help to have wireless connectivity.