Driving the Kia Seltos to Baler, Aurora

Driving the Kia Seltos to Baler, Aurora

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Kia Philippines celebrated its first anniversary under the distribution of AC Motors by taking members of the motoring media on a ride and drive trip to Baler, Aurora onboard 10 units of the new Kia Seltos.

A fun but challenging route

The route was a mix of stretches of open highway and twisty mountain roads and these conditions allowed us to experience the aggressive pull from the Seltos’ 2.0-liter Dual CVVT-equipped motor that produces 149PS and 179Nm.

This is a screenshot from Google Maps showing the twist and turns we did while on the new Kia Seltos.

On highways, overtaking or simply picking up speed was an easy task for the Seltos. Meanwhile, throwing the vehicle’s weight on zigzags gave off minimal body roll and its capable engine easily launches the car as we exit each curve.

Mated to what Kia calls Intelligent Variable Transmission with Drive Mode Select, the engine-transmission combo allowed us to enjoy the choice of either relaxed, economical cruising or pushing for more power on the open roads.

It’s interesting to note that for what technically is a CVT, you can feel different — more satisfying — shifts when you step on the gas pedal. It also felt responsive enough that it delivers the right power when you need it.

Amenities such as an infotainment system with support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto took care of music while we were driving. There’s also cruise control for the EX and SX variants that came in handy on expressways, a reverse camera for easy maneuvering in tight spaces, and six SRS airbags (for the top SX variant) to protect occupants in the event of a mishap.

A successful introduction

The all-new Seltos boasts of space, comfort, and style that very well suited our drive.

From this trip, the subcompact crossover SUV proved to be fuel-efficient with decent pulling power on tap, is a looker that got a lot of attention on the road, and is equipped with features to make your adventures memorable.

Apart from driving Kia’s newest offering, the Anniversary Drive was a celebration of Kia’s first year under AC Motors with a 124 percent sales growth in 2019 brought about by new model launches namely: Soluto, Stinger, and Seltos.

An identity of its own

Apart from the model introductions, Kia Philippines attributes its success to its distinct design language topped by its signature Tiger Nose grille.

Penned by Peter Schreyer, in 2007, the Tiger Nose grille and styling elements give Kia vehicles an identity of their own — something that seems to appeal to many buyers both locally and abroad.

Manny Aligada, Kia Philippines president, announced the company’s new marketing slogan — Designed for You.

According to him, the Seltos is the true embodiment of Kia Philippines since, for the company, it’s not just any crossover but one that has its owner’s needs in mind.

Pricing for the three models of Kia Seltos:

  • LX 2.0 IVT – PhP 1,098,000
  • EX 2.0 IVT – PhP 1,198,000
  • SX 2.0 IVT – PhP 1,498,000