Huawei FreeLace Pro unboxing and first impressions

Huawei FreeLace Pro unboxing and first impressions

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Even with the popularity of TWS earphones, there are users who may still prefer a different form factor to suit their needs. Huawei’s FreeLace series caters to those who might not like the look or design of the usual TWS earphones but would still like to have a wireless audio device with added features.

The company’s latest offering, the Huawei FreeLace Pro, builds upon the same design of its sibling, the Huawei FreeLace, and adds a number of new features. These not only improve the device’s audio but inejcts thoughtful new functions to make it easier to integrate into the user’s life.

Let’s dive right in and unbox the Huawei FreeLace Pro.

The packaging of the Huawei FreeLace Pro is simple and straight to the point. On the front is its name, some features, and an image of the device right in the middle. Opening it up and sliding the inner box out immediately reveals the Huawei FreeLace Pro but we’ll talk more about that in detail later on.

Moving on, we lift the Huawei FreeLace Pro’s casing out of the way and under it are a couple of other things. First we have a bunch of documents including the warranty card, safety information, and user guides. To the right of that, we have a short USB Type-C charging cable and two extra ear tips in different sizes.

Now it’s time to take a closer look at the Huawei FreeLace Pro. Our unit comes in the Graphite Black color which is very subtle and elegant. Huawei says the neckband is made of flexible and skin-friendly memory metal. It’s indeed soft and flexible and feels good to the touch as well when worn around the neck.

There are two metallic cases on each side of the neckband that seem to serve two purposes. One is to add a little extra weight so the bands will drop down when worn and the other is for controls. Found on the right side are volume controls, microphones, and a built-in USB Type-C connector which is revealed by uncapping the end of the band.

The earbuds come in a matte finish and are paired with silicone ear tips that are shaped to provide a secure and ergonimic fit. On the side of each bud is a round metal magnet that is used to clip the earbuds together and keep them from accidentally falling off. The left earbud also has a touch sensor that actives Awereness Mode when held.

There a total of three mics on this device that work together to provide triple-mic noise cancelation for calls. Active noise cancellation, on the other hand, utilizes two mics for better noise capture and much more effective cancellation overall.

Huawei works to upgrade the sound of the FreeLace Pro by including large 14.2mm dynamic drivers, an independent bass tube for louder and stronger lows, and an aluminum-magnesium alloy diaphragm that’s designed to improve mids and highs.

The FreeLace Pro is also equipped with a number of other features that we’re excited to try including Huawei HiPair, quick switching, low-latency gaming mode, and more. Huawei also promises an extra-long battery life of 24 hours and fast charging.

The Huawei FreeLace Pro has a local price of just PhP 4,499. With its specs and features, the Huawei FreeLace Pro seemingly takes a large leap from the Huawei FreeLace and we’re excited to test it out in the real world. We’ll be getting more into the nitty-gritty of this device on our full review coming soon so be sure to check back for that.