GuliKit develops tech to stop controller drifting

GuliKit develops tech to stop controller drifting

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Could drifting soon be a thing of the past?

That’s what GuliKit aims for with its new tech that will supposedly “ultimately” solve the infamous drifting issues of certain controllers.

In a press release, GuliKit explains that today’s controllers are created with a carbon film potentiometer which could be the root reason for many controller issues such as stuck buttons, disconnections, and more.

Coupled with the usual wear and tear, internal dampening and mildew, dust blocking, and other problems, controllers are left with a shorter life and performance issues such as drifting.

To remedy this, Guli Tech has designed new tech for controllers that will replace the carbon film. The company will be using electromagnetic technology to redesign the controller stick and help reduce common problems like drifting.

Not only that, the electromagnetic controllers are expected to provide better performance, precision, and of course, a longer lifespan.

The electromagnetic sticks will work with permanent magnet materials and electromagnetic liner Hall technology. The new design also suspends the sensor which keeps it from contact with the magnetic rotating shaft and eliminates the problem of carbon film wearing on today’s controller sticks.

In addition to redesigning the controller sticks, GuiliKit has also developed new technology for buttons. The company has found a way to extend a button’s life to up 50 million times longer. The new button is also now more accurate and allows for easily changing the button cap.

GuliKit says they will be releasing new controllers carrying this new technology soon and that the new releases will remain as affordable as the company’s current offerings.