Lanmodo Vast Pro is a dash camera with night vision

Lanmodo Vast Pro is a dash camera with night vision

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Dash and rear cameras have been a staple for a majority of vehicle owners for some time now and it’s not hard to see why. Having a dash camera provides the security that you’ll be able to provide evidence if an accident should ever happen.

But not all dash cameras are created equal and most have some difficulty in dealing with dark images when driving at night. That’s what American company, Lanmodo, aims to solve with their newest device, the Lanmodo Vast Pro.

This dashcam has two sensors, one for the front and one for the rear. Both cameras of the Vast Pro have been integrated with the company’s dual 1080P night vision system. The full-color IPS screen is able to provide sharp and clear images from both cameras even in the dark thanks to the onboard low-light imaging technology.

The cameras feature a 45-degree field-of-view for the front and 170 degrees for the rear. This means it’s able to provide a wider image and capture more of its surroundings. With 300m night vision distance, it’s able to see farther than the vehicle’s headlights to help drivers know what’s coming and provide an appropriate amount of time for a response if needed.

In addition, the Vast Pro also provides safety and security features. The system allows dual 1080P recording with support for up to 128GB storage. It features loop recording which overwrites old recordings so you won’t have to worry about clearing storage. The built-in G-sensor detects collision or accidents and locks that particular clip so it won’t be deleted.

It’s equipped with OBD power and low voltage protection which allows it to record even when the vehicle isn’t running. This works with the 24-hour night parking monitor feature that triggers the camera on if it detects collision when the vehicle is parked or unattended. The company says that the low voltage protection will keep the car’s battery from draining so the Vast Pro can operate safely.

Lanmodo is set to launch the Vast Pro as a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo soon but the company is currently offering a Golden Member promotion. For US$ 10, you become a Golden Member and can get a Lanmodo Vast Pro with a 128GB memory card for just US$ 199 (valued at US$ 619) when it releases.