Maxus PH offers discounts up to October

Maxus PH offers discounts up to October

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These final four months of 2020 will be busy for all members of the family. Parents are raring to give their businesses and offices that big push to end the year on a high, while looking for safe places outside of their homes to spend the long-awaited holidays with their entire household—a joyful respite, and a fitting reward, for all the challenges they have overcome for much of the year.

To accomplish these all-important holiday plans, families today need not just any type of vehicle to carry them through the toughest of times, they need Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) which are designed, engineered, and built to keep them safe. So when it comes to LCVs, Maxus can offer Filipinos a wide variety with the best value-for-money selection.

From September 2 to October 31, 2020, Maxus Philippines gives the market even “Max Better” reasons to cheer for the season through attractive cash discounts on all variants of its G10 MPV, V80 van, and T60 pickup.

All variants of the T60 will be offered with a discount of PhP 50,000, while a PhP 70,000 price slash will be applied to both the G10 Premium 1.9 AT and G10 Assist 1.9 AT (as a dealer option). The V80 2.5 MT Flex and V80 2.5 MT Comfort will also be offered with a PhP 50,000 discount. The discounted offers of each model are as follows:


  • PhP 948K (2.8L MT Diesel Pro 4X2)
  • PhP 1.028M (2.8L AT Diesel Pro 4X2)
  • PhP 1.278M (2.8L AT Diesel Elite 4X4)

G10 Premium

  • PhP 1.72M (1.9L AT Diesel)

G10 Assist

  • PhP 2.119M (1.9L AT Diesel)

V80 Flex

  • PhP 1.14M (2.5L MT Diesel)

V80 Comfort

  • PhP 1.52M (2.5L MT Diesel)

These discounted prices will now make it easier for customers to purchase the right Maxus LCV for their transport needs, while at the same time allow them the chance to set aside the saved cash for other important contingencies in their households.

The 9-seater Maxus G10 MPV, with its four rear captain seats, offers a spacious interior and comfort amenities without compromising passenger comfort and ride safety. The G10 Assist, as a dealer option, is ideal for the elderly, PWDs, and recovering patients, as it comes with the programmable swivel lifting seat at the 2nd row.

The Maxus V80 vans offer both space and flexibility with the 13-seater V80 Comfort. The V80 Flex cargo van, on the other hand, offers a roomy cargo space of 6.9 cubic meters and flexible interiors, while at the same time, the van’s 1.1-ton maximum loading capacity allows for sufficient cargo to maximize business operations.

Whether in 4×4 or 4×2 drives, the Maxus T60’s upsized dimensions translate to bigger and heavier capabilities, in terms of payload capacity, towing power, and water wading depth. The T60 can literally take any supply in the agricultural, industrial, medical, recreational, utilities and construction sectors, and get them moving to where they need to be more efficiently.

Recently, Maxus Philippines launched the All-New Maxus G50 1.5-liter turbocharged MPV and announced its introductory prices ranging from PhP 1.088M for the Turbo DCT Pro, to PhP 1.168M for the Turbo DCT Elite, and PhP 1.288M for the Turbo DCT Premium. The G50 is a spacious 8-seater loaded with the total value-for-money package brimming with comfort and safety features, which makes the G50 perfect not just for the family, but also for business.

All Maxus vehicles are infused with 124 years of British-bred heritage, global expertise, and experience in LCVs, and are attuned to the widely varying transport needs of the Filipino family and the country’s road and driving conditions. Not to mention its “Max” quality, efficiency, and convenience of aftersales products, services, and worry-free ownership where select models are backed by a warranty coverage of 5 years or 100,000 kms, whichever comes first. Maxus Philippines also offers 24/7 emergency roadside assistance and on-site servicing for corporate fleet accounts.