77-year-old goes out to play Pokémon Go, gets arrested

77-year-old goes out to play Pokémon Go, gets arrested

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Dedication is something that is usually looked at positively. Although when it means going outdoors despite the CoViD-19 lockdown, that would most likely get you arrested.

This is exactly what happened to a 77-year old man last weekend in Madrid when he decided to go out and play Pokémon Go. For the unfamiliar, Pokémon Go is a mobile game based on the popular franchise that uses the phone’s GPS and requires you to literally go out to explore and catch different virtual monsters.

TeleMadrid reports that the man was arrested on a street in Latina district — while a lockdown is being enforced. Madrid Police, on the other hand, has posted a tweet regarding the offense.

The tweet, after going through Google Translate, states, “Hunting Pokémon, dinosaurs, or any other magical creature is forbidden during the Alarm State. Make no excuses and stay home.”

Looking at the ticket, one of the boxes reads, “Se encuentra carando Pokemon” or “he is hunting Pokémon.”

Many Pokémon Go events and gatherings lined up for the year have already been canceled due to the unexpected outbreak. Although, there is still a minor in-game event that began on March 20 and ends today, March 26, 2020. According to the ticket, the 77-year-old man was arrested on March 22.

Developers of Pokémon Go have already adjusted the game temporarily to make it possible to play and catch these virtual monsters even at home. Multiple lures to make them come to you are almost free, receiving in-game gifts come with more useful items, and the monsters’ spawn rates have been multiplied to discourage the need to go out of the house.

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