Xbox Cloud Gaming now available for select iPhone and PC users

Xbox Cloud Gaming now available for select iPhone and PC users

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Xbox is bringing cloud gaming to iPhones and PCs. The company announced through a blog post that it will be rolling out the Xbox Cloud Gaming service to select iPhone and Windows 10 PC users starting April 20.

The selected invitees will be able to access a new website where they will be able to play over 100 Xbox Game Pass titles. It seems like the library can only be accessed via browser with the company suggesting beta testers use either Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Safari. According to Xbox, by offering cloud gaming through browsers, it becomes more approachable and accessible for users.

Beta testers using Apple devices will need to run iOS 14 or higher to access Xbox Cloud Gaming. And, whether PC or mobile, at least 10Mbps and a 5Ghz internet connection are recommended when using the service.

The beta is limited and includes participants from 22 countries including Singapore, the US, UK, Korea, Russia, and more. A general requirement to get an invite is to have an existing Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription though an invite isn’t guaranteed even if you have one. Xbox aims to invite more users as the beta goes and aims to improve the overall experience by evaluating user feedback and eventually add support for more devices.

Players who were lucky enough to receive an invite to the beta will need a Bluetooth or USB-connected controller to play the available games. Xbox says users can also use custom touch controls. The beta will focus on fine-tuning features and experience so that future users will have consistent performance across all platforms. There’s no word yet on when Xbox Cloud Gaming will be available to the public just yet, but with the service being in beta testing, it will hopefully be soon.