Official Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming game launched for mobile

Official Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming game launched for mobile

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Developed by Yoozoo Games, the officially licensed Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming mobile game has officially been released in Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, and South Korea with over 3,300,000 pre-registration across the four regions. Each region represents one house in-game to fight for the symbol of the highest power – Iron Throne!

Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming recreates the world of the Emmy-award winning show with stunning graphics and excellent gameplay that encompasses traditional castle sieges, just how you like it. You may recruit your own troops in-game to join the seven Kingdoms and fight for the Iron Throne.

The game used the latest CGI technology to restore the breathtaking scene in the original TV series. Players may also collect their favorite characters and fight together with them. Each region will represent the seven houses of Westeros and your journey will take you to Winterfell and beyond, where you gather your resources, battle, and meet familiar faces like Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, or Melisandre.

In addition to the classic SLG core gameplays such as siege, strategic thinking, and resource management, the development team has also prepared more unique gameplays!

The players may choose their own growth path. Whether to conquer other cities and win the war through killing or build a strong relationship with other houses and slowly become the leader of the 7 Kingdoms, all depend on the players’ choices.

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming

Nobility System
Growing from an ordinary soldier to the King of the Westeros. In Game of Thrones, Nobility proves the status and achievements of the lord in Westeros! The higher the Nobility, the more power you have. Players need to grow from the bottom to the top to fight for the Iron Throne.

Wilderness System
Players strengthen their troops by plundering other people’s resources or completing multiple quests. The more resources you have, the stronger the troops!

Rebel Camp
Gather your house to fight against the rebels! The rebel camp is an evil force on the world map. Defeat the rebels to gain resources, equipment, experience, and more! Every time you defeat the rebels, you will have a chance to get the house gifts, which will benefit all house members!

Exile Fortress
Exile Fortress is a very powerful enemy on the world map. Players must join the house and use strategy to mass attack in order to have the possibility of winning! Gather more house members to stand a higher chance of winning with a great number of rewards!

House Stronghold

House Stronghold is a building which located by house leader and built by the entire House! After completing the construction of the House Stronghold, a house territory will be generated~ All the house members will enjoy various buffs in the territory. Building multiple House Strongholds can expand a larger house territory and accommodate more house members.