H-Audio PH3 Wireless Headphones Review: For the patriotic

H-Audio PH3 Wireless Headphones Review: For the patriotic

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When it comes to headphones, there are different styles and designs available to reflect each and everyone’s taste when they put it on. Some have plain designs for the minimalist, while others feature intricate styling. Although for these headphones, the design appeals more to the patriotic.


The design is pretty straightforward. You have blue and red stripes signifying the color of the Philippine flag, while the three stars and sun are printed on both earcups.

For build quality, its form factor is mostly hard plastic with a sheet of thin metal acting as the backbone of the headband. Together, this tandem achieves a lightweight but sturdy design.

On the left cup, you have the toggle for its Active Noise Cancellation while the right carries the ports for micro-USB, 3.5mm jack, as well as power and volume buttons.

What we liked about the design is its simplistic approach with mostly the device mostly covered in white. While it does require extra effort in keeping it clean, it’s something that you can put on and will easily blend with what you’re wearing.

Comfort Factor

As for the padded earcups, they’re comfortable on the head thanks to its memory foams that adjust and reshape themselves.

We’ve used it a couple of times while doing exercises at home and we’re glad to report that it provides a snug fit that doesn’t easily fall off even when you move around.
Again, since it’s mostly made of plastic, it doesn’t weigh a lot on your head and the user’s mobility isn’t really affected.

Audio quality and performance

In terms of sound performance, the PH3 produces impressive quality. Mids are clear and very distinct, while highs are decent and bright. Lows were also delivered with powerful kicks.

Generally, what you’re going to expect here is although it has an overall balanced sound, it leans a bit towards the muffled side of things. That’s definitely not a bad thing and it actually stays true to what closed-back headphones should sound like.

Although, if we were to nitpick, we’d say that it could work on preventing sound leaks when you play music a little loud. With this in mind, try to be mindful when you have the headphones on and you’re with people in a confined area.

Wirelessly connecting the headphones via Bluetooth was hassle-free and even stay connected to the paired device as soon it’s powered on. This feature alone is already a big check for us.

We would confidently say that the PH3 can be used comfortably when you’re gaming on your computer, watching videos on your phone, or listening to music while doing your errands.

It also proves useful during video chats which is part of today’s ‘new normal’. We actually had it on in most of our online meetings and there were a couple of inquiries about what headphones we’re using.


Talking about battery life, it claims it can last for up to 20 hours of continuous usage. But although we didn’t get to try it on for that amount of time, it lasted us about five days of daily usage with its noise cancellation off.

Creature Feature

In our reviews, The Modern Creatures aims to find that one special feature of a device that makes it worth having — something that gives the product a slight edge from among its peers. For the PH3, it’ss the fact that for every purchase, proceeds will go to different platforms to raise funds and help the underprivileged Filipino youth. With the PH3, you’re not only getting a quality product, but you’ll also end up helping someone in need.

The PH3 is priced at PhP 7,480.  This simple yet stylish headphones is available in select Power Mac Center branches, Urban Gadgets, and The Listening Room.